Who is A Jewel of Rarity and what do they do?

Who am I?:

I am "Laura Jewel Rare" (A Jewel of Rarity) I am an imaginative person, so much so that I find myself bouncing from project to project experimenting with my ideas. Because I bounce around so much with ideas I often end up trying out new things and that is how I got to where I am today. I have tried many things before such as Games design, Web design, Drawing and even trying to make some music.

What do I do?:

For the most part I do coding, I am currently studying games design at my local college and have started my level 6 course in it. I usually work in the Gamemaker Studio 2 Engine but I'm open to trying out other game engines or even trying to make something from scratch.
I also like to do web design as you can see from the website you are on right now and I am growing confident in my abilities as a Web designer.

Can I commission you for a website?:

This would depend on what exactly you are looking for, while I am pretty confident in making a landing page and such my abilities elsewhere could use some polishing and I would have to find out what you would be looking for first.

Is there anything else you do?:

Below you can find other things I work on or have worked on that are not my own.

I volunteer as an admin and theme designer on

Go to

How can I contact you?:

You can contact me at:
You can contact me here for any questions/commissions you may have for me.