Who am I

A Jewel of Rarity

I'm Laura also known as A Jewel of Rarity, I'm a transgender artist, although my art is very amateur I can produce some very clean looking works. I plan to improve on my art and do some small graphic design jobs in the near future. I also plan on taking on a college course in painting and decorating that can then tie in with my graphic design so I could possibly move on to painting designs onto walls.

Things I Do

I work at a forum called Everypony.com as staff, I mainly help with the tech backend and design the themes for the site. I sometimes will draw art as a hobby at the moment but plan to take it further into possible commissions.

A Few Accomplishments

I don't have many accomplishments in my life but a few of them would probably be, finally getting a decent computer to work from and play games, Getting more serious with improving my art to the level it is now & making such caring friends.