Who am I

A Jewel of Rarity

He there, my name is Laura and I am a indie game dev, I work on my own using Gamemaker Studio 2 to create games, I currently have no released games but have some projects in the works. I will soon be attending college for a games design course and following through with the course should give me up to 4 years of experience afterwards.

Things I Can Do

I help out on a forum called Everypony.com as an admin, I mainly help out with designing themes or adding new stuff to the site. I will occasionally work on some game projects or I'll be playing either Overwatch or some other random game.

A Few Accomplishments

I don't have many accomplishments but what I will say is I feel accomplished in that I have grown as a person over the years and have been able to push through and pick myself up when life gets me down. I am also happy with being able to make good friends, I don't have many but the ones I do have make me feel special,